Sl No Name of Federation Dzongkhag Gewog Male Female Total Nature of Activity Co-op RegNo Co-operativew name Co-op Dzongkhag Co-op Gewog Chairperson
1 Test for Federation for Agri Samtse Norgaygang/Bara 1 0 1 null, null null null null null null
2 Bhutan Yak Federation Bumthang Chokhor 1 0 1 null, null Co-op/79,Co-op/83,Co-op/84,Co-op/89,Co-op/90,Co-op/91,Co-op/92,Co-op/93 Beldrok Rinchen Lanor Nyamlay Tshogey,Bumthang Choekhor Lanor Nyamley Tshodey,Haa-Lung LaNor Nyamlay Tshogdey,Layagakid Lanor Nyamley Tsopgdey,Lingzhi Lanor Nyamley Tshogdey,Paro Drakey Lanor Nyamley Tshogdey,Saephu Gangkhar Puensum Lanor Nyamlay Tshogdey,Soe Lanor Nyamlay Tshogdey Bumthang Chokhor null
3 Federation of Poulty Cooperative Sarpang null 0 0 1 null, null Co-op/15,Co-op/17,Co-op/18 Dunglagang Broiler Cooperative,Sarpang Poultry (Layers)Cooperative,Tsirang Poultry Cooperative Sarpang null null