Department of Civil Registration and Census 

Service: Issuance of Replacement Citizenship Identity (CID) /SRP Card

 Services available from:

  1.  Dzongkhag Civil Registration and Census Office (DCRCO)
  2.  Thromde Administration
  3. DCRC, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, (MOHCA).

 Turnaround time:

  1.  The standard service delivery time for CID/SRP card is 5 days. The time taken to avail this service is 5 days from the time of submission of application.


  1.  A person who has lost or damaged the 2D Barcode readable CID/ SRP card including requiring a change in image or in the event the card contains typographical error.

 How to apply?

  1.  An applicant shall submit the duly completed citizenship identity card replacement form along with a passport size photograph to the DCRCO/Thromde/DCRC HQ.
  2.  An applicant can opt to collect the replacement CID/SRP card from DCRCO/ Thromde/ DCRC HQ as indicated in their application form.
  3.  The DCRCO can have it dispatched at the gewog level through the Gup.

 Document and other requirement:

  1.  Duly completed application form
  2.  Passport size photograph


 A sum of Nu. 400 is payable at the time of application submission and the receipt must be produced at the time of collecting the new CID/ SRP card.

 Contact Details:

    •  PemaLetho
    •  DCRC HQ, Thimphu
 Download Application Forms: