Security Clearance

1. General Information

1.1. What is a security clearance certificate?

➢ Security Clearance Certificate refers to a certificate issued by the Royal Bhutan Police certifying that the person has no adverse/criminal records as per the records of the maintained by the Bureau of Law and Order, MOHCA, Department of Civil Registration and Census and the Royal Bhutan Police.

1.2. Who is eligible to apply for security clearance certificate?

➢ The SCC is available for all Bhutanese Citizens as evidenced by a Citizenship Identity Card.

1.3. When do you need to process for a security clearance certificate?

➢ You may require to process for an security clearance certificate for promotion, training, study tour, higher studies, processing for passports, travel, election and issuance of arms license etc. 1.4 What are the various types of SCC?

➢ There are three types of SCC:

o General purposes

o Elections

o Arms License

2. Application Procedure

2.1 Where can I apply for security clearance certificate?

➢ You can apply for your security clearance certificate online at or

2.2 What information should I provide at the time of application for SCC?

➢ On the application form, you will be asked to enter your Date of Birth and Citizenship Identity Card number as provided in the Citizenship Identity Card.

2.3 Do I have to provide any documents or attestation to apply for SCC?

➢ To apply for SCC, you will need to provide your Citizenship Identity Card Number and Date of Birth. There are no document or attestation requirements.

2.4 How will I know that my application has been approved or rejected?

➢ You can find the status of your application from the ‘track application' button on the website or

2.5 When can I start to renew my security clearance certificate?

➢ You can renew your security clearance certificate within 7 days before the expiry of validity date. For example, if the expiry date if on 30th December 2015, renewal can be done from 23rd December 2015.

2.6 Can I apply for a hard copy of the security clearance certificate?

➢ If you require a hard copy of the SCC, you will have to approach the Bureau of Law and Order, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs.

3. Other important information

3.1. What is the validity of security clearance certificate?

➢ The validity of security clearance certificate is for one year from the date of issuance of certificate.

3.2 What is the turn around time for service delivery for SCC?

➢ The turn around time for service delivery for SCC is 24 hours from the date of application.

3.3 Can I use my security clearance certificate for other purposes?

➢ A Security Clearance Certificate is valid only for the purpose it is issued. For example, a Security Clearance Certificate issued for general is not valid for election even though it is still within one year of its validity.

4. Contact details

4.1 Who should I contact for more information on security clearance certificate?

➢ There are three agencies involved in the approval of SCC, therefore you can contact the following:

o Royal Bhutan Police, Security Clearance Service: 00975 -02-322347

o Department of Civil Registration and Census, MoHCA: 00975-02-322301 (Ext:2054)

o Bureau of Law and Order, MoHCA: 00975-02-322015 (Ext: 2070) or 00975-0325173/00975-77190135/00975-77190136 (Ext:2038)