This "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" for G2C services" is an attempt to provide essential information to our contact center agents, community center operators while providing G2C services to the citizens. It can also be used by the citizen to look for the necessary information pertaining to G2C services.


It also serves the purpose of a step-by-step guide on availing government to citizen services, starting from the point of application till the receipt of service by the applicant. The booklet also offers information on the services offered, service delivery timeline and charges, if applicable for the service.


Further, this booklet answers certain key questions associated with every service delivery such as eligibility, point of application for services, point of dispensation of services and the documents required at the time of application. It also informs the applicant on the expected cost to avail the service by including the fee structure and other service charges, if the service is to be availed from the community centers.


The contact details for responsible agencies for the service are provided so that the applicant can be guided on the next course of action.