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1. General information

1.1       When was the G2C Office established?

  • The G2C Office was established on 24 November 2015 through a Government Order of the Prime Minister under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister's Office. 

1.2       What are the mandates of the G2C Office?

  • The overall mandate of the G2C Office is improve public service delivery and reduce turn around time for public service delivery.

1.3       Where is the G2C office located?

  • The G2C Office is located on the 3rd Floor of Building No. 79, Norzin Lam 3, Chubachu, Thimphu.

2. About the G2C Initiative

2.1 What is the G2C?

  • G2C is an abbreviation of Government to Citizen (G2C). In the context of the G2C Office, it pertains to the all services that the government delivers to citizens such as birth registration, passport services and so on.

2.2 How many G2C Services are there?

  • There are over 200 G2C services spread out over the 10 Ministries, autonomous agencies and Dzongkhags. However, under the G2C Office, there are a total of 160 G2C services (155 agency specific services and 5 common services).

2.3 What services are available online?

  • There are a total of 49 services that are available online. The list is provided as annex 1.

2.4 What services are available from the community centers?

  • There are a total of 29 services that are available from the community centers in the gewogs. The list is provided in annex 2.

2.4 What is the institutional arrangement for the G2C service delivery?

G2C Office: Lead agency for improving public service delivery

DITT: Provision of network connectivity to access G2C services

BDBL: To provide G2C services through the Community centers

DLG: To monitor weather Communities Center and operators are providing G2C services or not  

3. About the Contact Center for G2C services

3.1 What is the contact center for G2C services?

  • The contact center for the G2C services is a single window IT enabled facility for quick delivery of critical information relating to G2C services through a toll free number.

3.2 What is the operating hours for the contact center?

  • The contact center will be open from 9 am – 5 pm from Monday to Fridays. It will be closed on weekends and government holiday.

3.3 What is the toll free number?

  • The toll free number for the Contact Center for G2C services is 1199. Callers will not be charged for their calls to the contact centers.

3.4 What are the services available from the G2C Contact Center?

  • The following services are available from the contact centers for G2C services: 

  • Guide citizens about the services offered by the government.
  • Guide citizens about the various touch points of the government agencies to avail a service i.e. modalities or procedures for accessing such services. 

  • Handle basic grievances handling relating to G2C services under the G2C office. 

  • Provide service tracking information 

  • General help desk, support and guidance on enquiries related to G2C services 

3.5 What are the services that come under the contact centers?

  • There is a total of 24 services and 2 common services under the contact centers:
  • 14 services from Department of Civil Registration and Census
  • 1 services from Department of Protocol
  • 1 service from the Department of Forest and Park Services
  • 1 service from Royal Audit Authority
  • 1 service from the Royal Bhutan Police
  • 6 services from Thimphu Thromde
  • Citizen portal
  • eKaaSel – grievance redressal system

The list of services is presented in annex 3.

3.6 Future plans for the contact center?

  • In terms of number of services, the future plans is to have all the G2C services added to the list of services under the contact center. In the near future, we hope to be able to process application on behalf of citizens for G2C services, which have simple processes with minimal dependencies to be added to the service list. 

4. Others

4.1 What is G2C portal or Citizen Portal?

  • It is one stop gateway site integrated with most of the critical service provided by the Royal Government of Bhutan. Although there are around 200 plus services provided by government, the project has so been able to transform only 50% of the services and made it available either online or through mobile channel.

4.2 What is the contact address and phone number of the G2C Office?

  • To contact the G2C Office, the phone number is 339655 and 339654 (F).