Educational Services

1. General Information

1. What are the BCSEA Services under the G2C System?

➢ There are a total of 4 services under the G2C services. The services are o Issue of Duplicate Examination Documents o Issue of Re-placement Documents

o Issue of English Language Proficiency Certificate

o Clerical Re-check of Papers

2. How to apply online application?

a) Click the url and then click on Education Services icon or text.

b) Fill up the application form and attach the necessary documents as required for the Duplicate Examination Documents

c) Click "Submit" button once the form is filled up.

d) Click Search button

e) you will get a auto generated receipt and show that during collection.

The process is same for all the BCSEA services under G2C service.

3. Do I have to provide any documents?

➢ You will need to provide your Citizenship Identity Card Number and index number. No document required.

4. How will I know that my application has been approved or rejected?

➢ You can find the status of your application from the ‘track application' button on the website,

5. what is the fee for the application? ➢

6. Where is the location of BCSEA Office?

➢ Location >>Click Map<<

7. When shall I collect the documents?

➢ You have to go to BCSEA office,Babesa