Audit Clearance

1. General Information

1.1. What is an audit clearance certificate?

➢ Audit Clearance Certificate refers to a certificate issued by the Royal Audit Authority certifying that an official does not have any adverse unresolved audit observations as on the date of issue of the ACC as per the records of the Royal Audit Authority.

1.2. Who is eligible to apply for audit clearance certificate?

➢ The ACC is available for all Civil Servants, Ministers, Corporations, Constitutional Post Holders, Members of Parliament, Gups, Maangmis, Tshogpas, ESP, GSP and Public Officials.

1.3. When do you need to process for an audit clearance certificate?

➢ You may require to process for an audit clearance certificate for promotion, training, study tour, higher studies, workshops/seminars, retirement benefit, extension of contract service, service regularization, processing secondment, election and re-election.

2. Application Procedure 2.1 Where can I apply for audit clearance certificate?

➢ You can apply for your audit clearance certificate online at or

2.2 What should I choose as my ‘employment type' while applying for the ACC?

➢ If you are a regular government employee, select ‘regular'; if you are on contract employment, select ‘contract'; if you are a ESP, GSP government employee, select ‘ESP' or "GSP' and if you are a Minister/Constitutional Post Holders, Member of Parliament, Commissioners/Judges of Supreme and High Court, Members of Privy Council, Thrompons, Gups, Mangmis and Tshogpas, select ‘fixed term'.

2.3 Do I have to provide any documents or attestation to apply for ACC?

➢ To apply for ACC, if you are government employment all you will need is an employment identify number issued by the Royal Civil Service Commission, for other, you will need to provide your Citizenship Identity Card Number. There are no document or attestation requirements.

2.4 How will I know that my application has been approved or rejected?

➢ You can find the status of your application from the ‘track status' button on the website or,

3. Other important information

3.1. What is the validity of audit clearance certificate?

➢ The validity of audit clearance certificate is for one year from the date of issuance of certificate.

3.2 What is the turn around time for service delivery for ACC?

➢ The turn around time for service delivery for ACC is … days from the date of application.

3.3 Can I use my audit clearance certificate valid for other purposes?

➢ An Audit Clearance Certificate is valid only for the purpose it is issued. For example, an Audit Clearance Certificate issued for promotion is not valid for election even though it is still within one year of its validity.

4. Contact details

4.1 Who should I contact for more information on audit clearance certificate?

For more information on audit clearance certificate, you can call 328727 or 335636, Clearance Section under the Royal Audit Authority or visit