About G2C Office

The Government-to-Citizen (G2C) Project was established with the primary objective to simplify and enhance the delivery of public services. The Project initiative has studied more than 200 services and sub-services across the ten ministries, Drug Regulatory Authority (autonomous agency) and National Pension & Provident Fund.

To be able to provide service delivery from a single point, the citizen services' portal "Zhung Ley Meseer Zhabtog" is launched. The "Zhung Ley Messer Zhabtog" web portal is a single-access point for all the G2C services provided by the various ministries, agencies and public sectors of Royal Government of Bhutan and servers as a common platform for all the dispensing points - Agency HQ, gewog offices, gups' offices and Community Centers (CCs).

The web portal is also meant to disseminate information on the services. Service manuals are available on the web portal. The portal also facilitates other services like service registration, acknowledgement and payment receipts, service status tracking and service output generations.

We hope the portal will best serve its purpose of being a comprehensive web-portal.

G2C Office is currently located in Chubachu (near BPC Call Center and BOB), Thimphu.


You can contact us at g2c@cabinet.gov.bt or +975-2-339655/ 338088

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