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Judiciary - G2C
Each person applying for the single status must produce the following documents:
  1. A Certificate of consent and certificate stating the marital status signed by parents/head of the family/foster parents/adopted parents.
  2. Authentication certificate from the gup stating the marital status. For those whose census are with thromdes/municipals, a certificate of the authentication of marital status must be obtained from the respective Thrompons.
  3. Copy of the citizenship identity card of parents/head of the family/foster parents/adopted parents and of any person from whom a certificate of consent and certificate stating the marital status is obtained.
  4. Birth certificate of child/children if any, or declaration otherwise.
  5. A relationship certificate(family tree/census) duly issued by the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs to establish the parent-children/relatives relationship.
  6. Copy of Adoption documents or any other document evidencing foster/adoption relationship.
  7. A copy of divorce agreement/judgment, which ever is appropriate,if previously married and divorced.
  8. A copy of death certificate of the deceased spouse, if previously married and widowed. (if applicable)
  9. Scanned copy of a legally signed application stating the intent
  1. Two recent passport size photographs.
  2. Original documents

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