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Judicial Service    Marriage Certificate Application Form

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Please read to proceed the application submission.

Judiciary - G2C
  1. Duly filled Affidavit of Parties/Witnesses In-re Marriage Certificate form (Form No G-6 and Form No H-8). (Forms Available online from www.judiciary.gov.bt/index.php/Welcome/get_pages?id=59 Please fill the forms in Dzongkha, each party should sign on an independent legal stamp and please avoid any overwriting otherwise the application will not be accepted)
  2. A copy of divorce agreement/judgment needs to be submitted if you have been previously married and divorced.
  3. A copy of Citizenship Identity Card of the parties and the witnesses.
  4. A consent letter from the present wife in case of subsequent marriage.
  5. A copy of death certificate of the deceased spouse,if previously married and widowed.(if applicable)
  6. A copy of birth certificate of the child/children if any or declaration if otherwise.
  7. Family Tree/Census of both the Bride and Groom issued by the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs.
  8. To Whom It May Concern letter from the concerned agencies.
  9. Scanned copy of a legally signed joint application by the spouses stating the intent.
  1. Three recent passport size photographs (45mm x 35mm) of husband and wife in full National Dress.
  2. The Parties and the witnesses need to be present on the date of appointment.

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