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Judiciary - G2C
  1. Copy of the Citizenship Identity Card of child's Parents and the person with whom the child is travelling.
  2. If the natural parents are not in the country or unable to come to court then the parents must appoint a representative and submit original documents duly signed and witnessed appointing the concerned person.
  3. If one parent applies for child travel document, he/she should submit a consent/no-objection letter from the other parent.
  4. Original Birth Certificate of the child.
  5. Passport copy of the child.
  6. Passport copy of the person with whom the child is travelling.
  7. A relationship certificate(family tree/census) duly issued by the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs to establish the parent-children/relatives relationship.
  8. Scanned copy of a legally signed application stating the intent
  1. Two Passport size photos of the child.

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