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Judiciary - G2C
  1. An Application for the domestic adoption shall be filled only by the Competent Authority or a person designated by the Government.
  2. Copy of Citizenship Identity Card of the adopting parent and the child's parent or guardian.
  3. Recent passport size photographs of both child and the adopting parent.
  4. written consent of the parents or guardian.
  5. Birth Certificate of the Child.
  6. Letter of Undertaking from the adopting parents to give share of inheritance to the adopting child.
  7. A letter recommending adoption issued by the Competent Authority or by the child welfare officer.
  8. Written agreement between a biological parent or guardian and adopting parent.
  9. Security Clearance from the Police.
  10. Income Statement of the adopting parents.(Pay slip if employed)
  11. Scanned copy of a legally signed application stating the intent

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